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Individual projects

The use of high-tech equipment in the construction of wooden houses has given new breath to the production and construction of this type of houses in Latvia as well. High quality, accuracy, fast production and assembly, construction continuity, economy, lower construction costs - advantages, these are the arguments that address our customers.

Needless to say, the construction of wooden houses uses natural materials, which creates a natural and cozy microclimate for living. Spruce timber is usually used in the production of wooden half-timbered houses, but higher-quality wood - ash (doors, stairs) can also be used for constructions inside the premises. The combination of wood-glass will create a special lattice at home, special coziness and closeness to nature. Massive wooden constructions both indoors and outdoors are not clad with finishing materials. It creates a delicate and tasteful environment that you can flexibly change without overhauling. For exterior wall decoration, you can choose exterior wall plaster or facade board cladding, as well as a combination of both materials.

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