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83 m2 vai 92 m2

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83 m2 vai 92 m2

LivErgo is a one-storey residential house, which is available in two sizes - 83 m2 or 92 m2, as well as each variation has a mirror view so that the house layout can be better adapted to the owner's plot of land. The new house is based on our most requested project - LivEko, with a living area of ​​107 m2. Although LivErgo is a smaller living space, the layout is designed to be practical, creating a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. The Everyone will find the most suitable one in consultation with our in-house consultant. The house is warm, energy efficient and economical. The building is designed in Scandinavian style. Suitable for a family who will not have to waste their precious time supervising the construction process. By choosing a LivErgo house, you will save money on the installation of a heated floor, as it is built by laying a Swedish-type slab foundation. The windows are designed all over the wall, which creates a pleasant feeling of light. You will be amazed at the spaciousness of the house indoors! Home colors and materials can be customized to suit your needs from a very wide range. The For interior decoration, we use materials that do not require puttying and sanding, avoiding dust as much as possible. The fitters are experienced specialists who assemble the house in just 8 working days. These projects are tailored to find the building of your dreams among both larger and smaller families. The houses manufactured by the Liv group are easy and economical to maintain. The energy efficiency of the buildings and the load-bearing capacity of the panels have been tested by specialists from Riga Technical University.

LivErgo mājas

83 m2 vai 92 m2


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LivErgo plans

The house plan should be chosen depending on the suitability of the planned plot of land (location of the recreation area, sky side, driveway, neighbors), family model (number of children and adults.)

Click on the image for a larger and printable version.

LivErgo 83 m2


LivErgo 83 m2 (mirror view)

livergo83 spogu.JPG

LivErgo 92 m2

livergo 92 st.JPG

LivErgo 92 m2 (mirror view)

livergo 92 spog.JPG
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