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LivaLux mājas

131 m2  vai 149 m2

A half-timbered house that is designed to be ready for living. LivaLux is available in 2 sizes - 131 m2 or 149 m2. A one and a half storey house with a sloping ceiling on the second floor, which creates a feeling of spaciousness. Various variations are available for the exterior finish. The plaster areas are made with Ceresit silicone plasters, which serve very well in Latvian climatic conditions. It is possible to install active ventilation equipment in the house. They provide fresh air, heat recovery of up to 90% and a healthy micro climate. The house can be equipped with skylights, balconies, terrace. LivaLux colors and materials can be customized to suit your needs from a very wide range. For interior decoration, we use materials that do not require puttying and sanding, avoiding dust as much as possible.




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LivaLux plans 131 m2

The house plan should be chosen depending on the suitability of the planned plot of land (location of the recreation area, sky side, driveway, neighbors), family model (number of children and adults.)


The Click on the image for a larger and printable version.

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livalux standarta planojums 1 stavs.JPG

LivaLux131S  1st floor layout


LivaLux 131S facade

liva lux 131 2 stavs standarts.JPG

LivaLux 131S ( mirror view) 1st floor layout


LivaLux 131S ( mirror view) 2nd floor layout


LivaLux 131S ( mirror view) facade

LivaLux plans 149 m2

 The Click on the image for a larger and printable version.

LivaLux mājas: Our Products
livalux149 standarts 1. stavs.JPG

LivaLux 149L 1st floor layout

livalux 149 standarts 2 stavs.JPG

LivaLux 149L 2nd floor layout

livalux 149 fasade.JPG

LivaLux 149L facade


LivaLux 149L ( mirror view) 1st  floor layout


LivaLux 149L ( mirror view)  2nd floor layout


LivaLux 149L (mirror view) facade

LivaLux mājas: Products
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