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Compact house

70 m2

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Compact house

Compact, practical and economical (70m2)

This house can be compared to a Volkswagen polo. It is compact, economical, high quality and at a relatively good price. The house, which is called a compact house, has been developed by the company's technologists themselves, combining and improving two construction technologies, the German Moderne Fächer and the SIP building panel technology developed in Canada. The load-bearing structures of the house are made of glued wood beams - this gives the building geometric stability. The panels, in turn, provide thermal insulation. They have also been developed by the technologists of the company "Līvas grupa". The principle of the panel is of the sandwich type - a plate-like material is used, while in the middle a modern type of foam Neopor, it allows both air and moisture to pass through, so the walls breathe. The material does not emit chemical compounds, is 20% warmer than expanded polystyrene, which in itself is a very warm material.

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